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Lions at London's Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square Lion
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Humans have two species of animals in mind when they think of Trafalgar Square in London: pigeons and lions. At Trafalgar Square there is a monument in honour of a human sea hero, admiral Horatio Nelson, known because of the sea battle near Trafalgar in 1805 against Napoleon's Spanish-French fleet. The monument with Nelson's Column is surrounded by four big bronze lions, designed by Sir Edwin Landseer and placed by Marocchetti in 1868.

For us the four big lions are most important of course. The pigeons are just a nuisance in our eyes. Because we are so immobile at Trafalgar Square, we cannot catch and eat them or send them away.

Another nuisance are the millions of tourists travelling on cheap flights to London to have themselves on a picture with us! Do you really think that a lion ever wants to be pictured with weak and cowardly creatures like humans? Well, maybe after we have caught one, a picture might please us as a trophy. But not the other way round. And we certainly do not want humans on our back!

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