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Detailed information about lions and our way of life, ancestors, extinct species, scientific research, protection, cats in general and much, much more can be found at the following sites:

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Links to websites of other big cats


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Links to websites of (lions and) other animals / link collections

Lions in Art

Lions are pleased to play an important role in human art: paintings, drawings, sculptures etc. Mankind started already quite early in its history, with drawings in caves, and the lion was also present in the earliest civilisations.

lion art

And more....

Born death?

Lion cubs are born death and brought to life after three days by their father who breathes into their face? If a lioness mates with a pard, then she gives birth to a leopard? If lions scent the smell of hunters, they wipe out their trails with their tail?
These and more unbeleiveable 'facts' were written by humans during the Middle Ages in so-called 'bestiaries', books about the life of animals. An example is:

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