Kingdom of Lions
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King Lion and Clever Rabbit

The Lion is the King, but other animals do not always accept that. It is not nice to say, but sometimes the other animals win, like in the forests of Ghana:

In the rain forest of Ghana reigns King Lion, who occupies the best cave on one side of the forest. All other animals live on the other side and the king has already eaten many of the small animals. One day Madam Hare with her long ears hears King Lion say to his wife that he wants to eat Clever Rabbit, a close friend to her and a mistress in solving problems and riddles. Madam Hare immediately tells her friend what she has heard. To her surprise Clever Rabbit answers: "I will go to King Lion and offer myself."
Clever Rabbit meets King Lion and says that she will not resist being eaten, but that it might be better to wait three weeks to fatten up a little: "I'm all bones. I don't think you will enjoy eating me now."
King Lion accepts the offer. But after three weeks Clever Rabbit hasn't gained any weight at all. Still she goes to King Lion's cave and says: "There is another lion in the forest, bigger than you and eating all little animals."
King Lion is furious and asks her to show him the way to the intruder immediately. Clever Rabbit brings him to a lake and points to the water. King Lion looks in the water and yes, there is his rival! He jumps into the lake to fight the other lion. When he realizes that Clever Rabbit has tricked him, he tries to get out of the water. Too late. Cats cannot swim well and King Lion drowns. Clever Rabbit, Madam Hare and all the other little animals of the forest have a great celebration.

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